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Pirates Athletics

Topsail High School


Pirates Athletics

Topsail High School

Pirates Athletics

Topsail High School

Seasonal Parent Meeting


As you all know by now, our annual All Sports All Seasons Parent Meeting has been canceled due to regulations for indoor meetings. We will miss the opportunity to get to catch up with you all a bit, share information, and answer questions. If your student will be participating in THS Athletics here are things you need to know. 



You will find the latest information from NCHSAA on our website here or in the Pirate Post. Return to play protocols have been shared with coaches. Please be assured that we are committed to following best practices for keeping us all safe and are committed to playing and participating to the extent the Governor's phases permit. 

The following was shared with our Fall coaches:

  • Each player should have a gator to bring and wear during practices. During activity they are to be down and around the neck and during times of inactivity should be worn up. I have spoken with the district to provide one for each student and the rest would have to be provided by parents. 
  • Each Athlete to provide their own source of water. 
  • All bench personnel (coaches,ball boys,film,book keepers) must wear a mask. All players not in the game must wear a mask. 
  • Parents will be screening their athlete at home. If any player exhibits and cold or flu-like symptoms, including a fever greater than 99.5, coaches will send them home and report it to the AD. 
  • Social distancing is required. Whenever possible athletes should train in pods to minimize to possibility of spread and reduce the likelihood of shutting the whole team down if there is a positive. 
  • Do not expect locker rooms when we travel-arrive dressed to play.
  • If there is a suspected COVID-19 case during a contest or practice, each athletic facility has a designated quarantine site. 
  • There will likely be positive Covid cases. Keep everyone in your program calm, do not allow rumors and follow the process. 

Contact the Athletic Director immediately if you hear of any positive cases in your program. Names of those who are Covid-19 positive are protected information and may only be shared with school administration and health officials-even if family is public about it.


 Pre Participation Paperwork

Athletic paperwork is now to be completed online at Planet High School. Parents and students are asked to create profiles and complete the online concussion, parent/student pledge, and the pre participation forms. The physical form needs to be downloaded, filled out and then uploaded. If your physical form has already been done and on file with me, I can go in and do this part for you. If you have already turned in the other forms, please do it once more on this site, should only take 5 min. 



Athletics will be following the direct policies for bus riding. I am lobbying for our athletes to have the option to arrange for their own transportation to away games this season in light of the one per seat rule. I will keep you in the loop.

Athletics Website

Please use this website for all the most current competition schedule information. Coach contact information, athletic handbook, field directions, text and email alerts are just a few examples of the information found on our athletics website. 


As it is now, only 25 total SPECTATORS are allowed at a contest. I am hopeful that by the time of the first Fall contest, this limitation will be expanded. If not we will have to do the best we can. This would more than likely mean that we would not be allowed spectators for away contests. Priority would go to parents of athletes for home games. 

Additional Notes

Coaches contact information

Fall Sport Tryout Schedule

Athletic Physical

Athletic Department Staff


All parents must watch the videos on this link in order to play sports.  The handbook is there too.


I personally look forward to seeing our Fall athletes doing what they love once more. Let us set the example for the following seasons of how to conquer Covid by being safe and following protocols so we make it to the end. 

If you have any questions, please email me. Pirate Nation Forever!!!!


Charles Kornegay Jr

Athletic Director

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